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Work in progress

All the work on this page are work in progress and not always up to date. 


Environment Build - 2021

Working on a stronger Houdini procedural modeling workflow. Blocking out is done and I am now moving onto adding more levels of detail into the model.

Concept Art Work

By Marco Pegoraro



Environment Build - 2021

Started to add textures and groom. No look dev done yet


ariel atom

Asset Build - 2021

An asset I made at university that I am taking to the next level


Western Sallon

Environment Build - 2021

I wanted to progress in my wooden plank modeling. This is only blocked out right now and a Houdini tool has been created to easily make plank cladding with plenty of controls 


Volkswagen Scrapper

Asset Build - 2021

Modeling this asset from a super cool piece of concept art I came across

Volkswagen Camper Junk Render v002.jpeg

British Telephone box

Asset Build - 2021

I've learnt a lot more since I started modelling this so I will be going back to this and cleaning this model up a lot more before texturing it 

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