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James Weston

3D Artist - Assets & Environments


6+ Years



Vancouver, British Columbia


Residency Status:

Permanent Resident of Canada

A Bit About Me

Hi - I'm James, an assets & environments artist with over 6 years of professional experience in the VFX industry.


I hope you like all the work on my page. This is just a handful of projects I have had the chance to work on.


Graduate from Teesside University in 2017 having received a First Class BA (Hons) Computer Animation & Visual Effects.

With the integration of Houdini within my standard Maya modeling workflows I thrive on the more complex and technical builds. I create custom procedural tools in Houdini to aid in overall quality and efficiency in my asset builds

Work Experience


Modeling & Environments

November 2021 -  December 2023

Vancouver, Canada


3D Modeling & Texturing

April 2021 - October 2021

London, United Kingdom

One Of US

April 2020 - April 2021

3D Asset Artist

London, United Kingdom

The Mill

3D Generalist

April 2018 - April 2020

London, United Kingdom

The Mill

August 2017 - April 2018


Due to my Houdini modeling, I am often called into asset methodology/ technical meetings to discuss whether or how Houdini could be beneficial for larger and more complex asset builds. I'm frequently able to bridge asset builds that were previously handled by FX or environments, resulting in a more efficient workflow between departments. This also helps alleviate some of the pressure, ensuring that assets are delivered correctly and meet the expected quality standards of the build department

I was brought on as a result of my tool creation and procedural workflow that I had been developing in Houdini. My main tasks included hard-surface modeling and texturing. I create and develop HDA's (Houdini Digital Assets) for an efficient workflow, which improves the overall quality of my work. By creating custom tools, I am able to achieve extremely high levels of detail on my assets in a much shorter time

At One of Us, I modeled and textured props and environments for film. During my time there, I developed new techniques, including procedural modeling methods in Houdini, to achieve faster and more efficient modeling.

As a generalist, I had hands-on experience with all aspects of the pipeline, from previs to asset creation, lighting, and final shot rendering. During my time at The Mill, my asset creation skills started to get noticed by my supervisors, leading to predominantly being tasked with asset creation. This involved working on a wide range of elements, including creatures and full-scale environments.

London, United Kingdom

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