Over a period of 20 weeks I have been creating a ‘near photorealistic environment’ of a hobbyist garage, featuring a dirt buggy (Ariel Nomad) as the main focus, modelled, lit and composited into a 25 second video. The piece opens up with an establishing shot with a slow and slight zoom of the entire garage scene. There follows a sequence of camera close-ups of areas of interest and detail. The scene I have created shows a complete buggy placed into an old converted barn/ garage with plaster walls and exposed wooden beams with very little window space. Within the garage there is a workbench, pillar drill, tool chest, creep board, tools etc. to help create a believable, realistic environment. There is a variety of equipment of different ages as shown through textures. I was aiming to create a messy and disorganised environment to give the impression of a hobbyist garage as opposed to a professional garage.